adverse event reporting

We at Zenex Animal Health India Private Limited believe that safety is our prime concern ahead of commercial or other interests. All medicines have potential risks as well as benefits. The aim of pharmacovigilance is to protect health by identifying, evaluating and minimizing safety issues in all possible ways.
Pharmacovigilance of veterinary medicinal products is the detection and investigation of the effects of the use of these products, mainly aimed at safety and efficacy in animals and safety in people exposed to the products


We encourage Veterinarians, dairy & poultry farmers and other customers to report any discomfort / adverse events experienced / observed by them after administering or using any Zenex Animal Health product.
To report, you may select any one of the following options:
Please find the adverse event reporting form below, fill and send it to us as per the details given below:

Submit the completed form to our company representative or Send the completed form to:
Regulatory & Pharmacovigilance Department,
Zenex Animal Health India Private Ltd.
9th Floor, Puniska House,
Next to One42, Opp. Jayantilal Park BRTS
Ambli – Bopal Road, Ahmedabad – 380054.

Scan and E-mail the completed form to: